Adam Rak for San Carlos School Board


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 Letters to the Editor 

Rak is right person for San Carlos schools

We have an opportunity this election to bring new energy and ideas to the San Carlos School Board. Adam Rak is the right choice for the job. He has significant experience working on policy issues and in business. He has been an active volunteer in the schools and also served on the successful Measure A committee to ensure critical funding for our schools.

Adam understands the issues we are facing and I believe he can bring a thoughtful and balanced approach to the school board. His views on integrating technology and 21st-century learning into the classroom are smart and balanced and will help to enrich the learning experience for our children.

We will face some serious challenges over the next few years, particularly the need to address the capacity issues at our schools. We need people on the school board who will work with all stakeholders to find the right solutions to that and other challenges we will need to tackle. I believe that Adam is up to that task and is the right person to serve on the San Carlos School Board.

Ted Lempert

Trustee San Mateo County Board of Education San Carlos


Adam Rak for San Carlos School Board

I endorse Adam Rak for the San Carlos School Board because he has the experience and knowledge to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the Board. He has a solid understanding of the issues we face in our school district, and I believe that he will provide a balanced and thoughtful approach to addressing them.

Adam has nearly twenty years of public policy experience. He has served on the board of Reading Partners, an education focused non-profit that provides one-on-one literacy tutoring to elementary school students; has been an active volunteer in the classroom;  and has served on a committee to preserve critical funding for our school

Please join me in supporting Adam Rak for the San Carlos School Board.

Tom Davids

Former San Carlos Mayor


Rak for San Carlos schools

Dear Editor: Join me in supporting Adam Rak for San Carlos School Board. Adam will make a tremendous difference for the children in our community because of his innovative ideas and his years of professional experience in educational advocacy and policy. More importantly, his personal experience as a San Carlos dad who is regularly in his children's classroom seeing the issues first-hand give him a depth of knowledge that is invaluable.

Adam cares greatly about the issues and has worked tirelessly to bring funding to our schools. One of his goals going forward, in fact, is to find new ways of funding our schools through grants, rather than just soliciting personal donations. He knows that our community needs to look for other sources to support our schools. He will also focus on bringing more technology into our classrooms and do this in an evaluative and thoughtful manner. The technology curriculum should be age-appropriate and educationally significant to be most effective. We owe this to our children as they grow up in the heart of Silicon Valley, where they are expected to be examples for the rest of the country.

As a mother of three children in San Carlos schools, I believe that Adam has the right combination of experience, heart, knowledge and innovative ideas that will be instrumental in solving the problems facing the San Carlos school system today.

Amy R. Shohet,

San Carlos

 Rak is the right choice

Dear Editor: Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with Adam Rak on the successful Measure A campaign, which secured nearly $1 million in funding annually for San Carlos schools. Adam was an incredible asset during that effort lending his time, insight and energy.

After seeing him in action, I can say he is the right choice for the San Carlos school board. He will be a dedicated, energetic board member who will work hard to improve our schools. He understands the issues and will bring a balanced approach and sound judgement to solving the challenges we face.

He has rightly identified the need to address capacity challenges at our schools, bring more technology into the classroom, and work with the city to improve traffic safety at our school sites.

As a mother with three children in our school system, I am confident that Adam will be a positive influence on the school board. I hope you will join me in electing Adam Rak to the school board.

Jennifer Webb,

San Carlos

We Endorse Adam Rak for School Board  

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