Great teachers, terrific parent support and fantastic community engagement have kept our schools strong.    People move to San Carlos because they know their children can get a quality education here.  As our schools grow, with new influxes of students every year, we push towards maximizing the capacity at our schools.   We should look at ways to mitigate the risk of overcrowding at our schools.

Instead of our elementary schools growing to 450-480 kids, we should have a goal of reducing them to below 400.   Likewise we need to address potential overcrowding at Central and Tierra Linda.   We should focus on creating less crowded learning environments which permit better use of school resources. 

Enrollment growth is projected to continue over the next several years, and it is time to look at solutions to reduce the size of our schools.   While it is not the easiest route, building a new school in San Carlos is probably the best way to address the capacity challenge we face.  This would reduce the pressure on existing schools and allow San Carlos to continue to provide a quality education for our kids with adequate space.    

Building a new school, however, will take time and engagement on multiple fronts to succeed.   The school board and city should to work together to explore the best location options.  We will need community support and participation.   It will also be necessary to ask the voters in San Carlos to support a school construction bond to fund the project.   There is a long road ahead, but one that should be taken to ensure that we can have the space and resources to continue to deliver a quality education to our children.