The first week of school is now behind us and we are poised for a great year in San Carlos.  I had the opportunity to attend the start of school breakfast for all of the District employees.  It was an impressive gathering that filled Mustang Hall at Central with energy and excitement about the start of school.  I was struck looking around at the hundreds of people who make our District run successfully.  We are fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented individuals working for our children. 

At the most recent board meeting we covered a number of topics including: strategic planning; developing a sustainability policy for the District; professional development; and an update on Measure H, the upcoming school bond measure.    We also discussed instructional minutes in the classroom.  

The District has strived to bring equity among the schools, while maintaining some individuality.   While all of our schools are well over the State's minimum required minutes for instruction, there are some differences throughout the District in instructional minutes.  I believe that this is an area in which equity is important, and that instructional minutes for all of the grades and schools should be aligned with one another.  At the direction of the Board, the District leadership is reviewing the differences and is committed to reporting to the Board later this school year with information on why there are variances currently, and any recommended changes.   I look forward to the next steps in working on this important issue.