This week the San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) in conjunction with the school district held three parent information sessions with superintendent Dr. Craig Baker.  This was an opportunity to hear about what is going on in the district and to ask questions of Dr. Baker.    

I had the opportunity to sit in on one of these sessions and found it very informative.  It provided a great opportunity to hear what is on the mind of San Carlos parents.  The questions were numerous and covered a range of topics, including foreign language and math classes in the middle schools, what a new school might look like, and how we bringing technology into the classroom.  By far the topic that generated the most interest was 21st century learning.  

The District is looking at bringing 21st century learning into the classroom.  While we have not defined exactly what that means for San Carlos, it will look at new ways of teaching and learning to prepare students for the world they will face after school.  Dr. Baker was clear: 21st century learning is not a substitute for learning the basics.  Rather, it provides an opportunity to expand the educational experience, strengthen the basics and help teach the tools and skills needed for our school children to be successful.  

In the coming months, the District will be researching what 21st century learning programs have been successfully implemented around the country.  The Board has discussed the importance of engaging the community in this process, likely in the form of a town hall meeting.   Bringing 21st century learning is an important step in modernizing the education experience for our kids and it is critical that we do it in a smart and thoughtful way.   

On a side note, Dr. Baker mentioned that he is working with the administration at both middle schools to bring foreign language in as a required class, perhaps as soon as the next school year.   It is expected to come before the Board in the coming months.   This gives an opportunity to bring an important aspect of the educational curriculum for our middle school students.