My term on the San Carlos School Board will finish at the end of this year. 

It has been an interesting three and a half years, full of challenges and opportunities.  While it has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience, I have decided not to run for re-election in November.  

There have been many changes in the District since I joined the board, and I believe we have made many positive strides and are now well-positioned to see even more success in the coming years. 

  • As a district we are fully embracing a cutting edge strategic plan that will ensure our students are better prepared for the challenges they will face.  
  • The Board and Administration have reached a multi-year agreement with our teachers that increased their compensation to a competitive level which will help retain and attract top educators.   
  • We are building new facilities and modernizing others. Construction at the new Central Middle School is nearing a close, and work is just getting started at Arroyo and Tierra Linda. This is an exciting time for our District as we break down the traditional walls of education to create new and more collaborative learning environments for our students and educators. 
  • Perhaps most satisfying, our District is now on firm financial footing thanks to the passage of Measure P and increased funding from the State. We can breathe a little easier now that we have stable funding. Our reserve levels are back to more than 13% and we are now able to make key, targeted investments in technology and other areas.  

I want to thank my current and former board colleagues, Carol, Kathleen, Nicole, Seth and Beth for their work and dedication, Dr. Baker and his team especially Robert Porter and Mary Jude Doerpinghaus, and all the many talented employees and volunteers who make our District run.   I also want to thank my family for their support these past years; my wife Allison and daughters, Phoebe, Jane and Lydia have been by my side through both the challenging times and the rewarding ones. 

I look forward to working as a member of the school board over the remaining months of my term and I intend to remain active in the District.   

I also intend to turn my efforts toward greater involvement with the City of San Carlos and to look for opportunities to engage my energy and talents there. I will be seriously considering running for a seat on the San Carlos City Council in 2017.  

Last week, I had the chance with other board members to tour the new Central Middle School slated to be opened at the end of August, and to reflect on just how much has changed in this District and where we are going.  We are fortunate to live in such a special place with a fantastic, close knit community that supports our public education system and invests in its future and that of our children. I will look back on my experiences as a member of the San Carlos School Board as a positive one, knowing that we will continue to grow and improve and provide the best possible learning experiences for our children.