Ensuring that we take the steps to improve safety at our schools is an important one.    For the past several months District staff have been working diligently on a number of security improvements.  Law enforcement has met with each principal, and the School Resource Officer has done security presentations to the community.   A site assessment took place at each campus to determine areas that need improvement.  Work on these improvement is ongoing. 

At a recent Board meeting, the District’s Director of Maintenance Chelle Pell presented a security and safety update to the Board.  We will be installing interior locks on all classroom doors that do not have them, repairing or replacing all blinds and conducting training sessions in the Fall.  Installation of blinds and locks will be completed prior to the start of the coming school year.   We have installed additional fencing and gates at Brittan Acres and Arundel to improve access control.   This Fall we will also be starting a new sign-in system to track volunteers on campus.    Finally, we are updating school site emergency plans to ensure consistency throughout the School District.  

Over the past few months, the District has taken significant steps to improve safety and security on our campuses.  These measures strike the balance of improving safety while maintaining the openness that permits our fantastic volunteers to support learning in our classrooms.