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Community Safety

San Carlos has long enjoyed the legacy of being one of the smallest, safest, most family-friendly communities on the Peninsula.  In fact, year-to-date we’ve experienced fewer burglaries than either Burlingame or Los Gatos! Our close-knit community is special because of our values and behaviors – we know our neighbors, we welcome visitors and newcomers, we look out for each other. 

  • As San Carlos grows, we’ll need to continue to partner with our fire and police services to continue these safety standards, by adding more patrol on our streets, enforcing speed and traffic measures more stringently, and continuing the responsive, open rapport we have with our first responders to ensure safety is a key priority for this community.
  • We can proactively make improvements like additional sidewalks and crosswalks along school routes to ensure kids can travel safely to school. 
  • Last year, the City added a sidewalk repair program with a shared cost with residents to fix our sidewalks. We should continue this program and I support adding funding so it’s accessible to more residents.  
  • Let’s add stop signs and speed bumps to reduce the number of car-related incidents in San Carlos.
  • We should work with city planners to prioritize a pedestrian-friendly ecosystem by adding dark sky-friendly street lights to parks, residential areas and transit corridors so our residents feel safe if they’re out for a dog walk or exercise in the evenings or early mornings.  Similarly, selected crosswalks should have warning lights that trigger when pedestrians are waiting to cross.


Do you have ideas or strong feelings about our residential safety?  Drop me an email!

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