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I love San Carlos, and it’s no surprise that new residents and businesses have flocked here. I’m running for City Council because I want this City to flourish through its inevitable expansion.  

Our quality of life hangs in the balance.  We can and should use this period of unparalleled prosperity to ensure that our town emerges on a firm financial footing, with greater amenities and resources for our residents and maintains its small town character.  Let’s manage this growth proactively and mindfully, so San Carlos retains its vibrant, small-town culture, and reaps the benefits of upgraded infrastructure and other community improvements.

I’ll make sure we’re not spending money addressing issues that aren’t a priority, and that we properly assess our current and long term needs before committing significant funds. I will make sure we are both effective and efficient with public money in every endeavor.

I believe a forward-thinking, adaptive City Council that's responsive to diverse community needs is what San Carlos will need to thrive.  The residents of San Carlos should always inform City Council’s key priorities, however many of you have asked what issues might be my first areas of focus if elected. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Downtown Growth: We must balance the City’s downtown growth while protecting our downtown character and charm.  Read more…
  • Residential Growth: We should intelligently foster connection and expansion of key neighborhoods, by prioritizing affordable housing for public servants and creating more robust restaurant and retail options in East San Carlos.  Read more…
  • Traffic: We should address traffic challenges by improving traffic management improvements, augmenting public transit and improving walkability/bike-ability.  Read more…
  • Parking: We must tackle parking capacity and fluidity.  Read more…
  • Community Safety: While San Carlos is very safe, we need to be vigilant to maintain our safety though residential speed calming measures, pedestrian- and bike-friendly traffic improvements, sidewalk improvements, additional street lights in select areas, and more.  Read more…
  • Parks: We need to expand recreational opportunities as our town grows to meet the needs of our entire population.  And, we should augment resources, so that our town’s parks remain safe and well-maintained.  Read more…

Adam Rak for San Carlos City Council 2018
FPPC #1401787
PO Box 283
San Carlos, CA 94070
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