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Parking is a pain point for most residents and visitors these days. The good news is that downtown parking will be greatly improved with the Wheeler Plaza garage, which will add 67 additional public parking spots, with a total of 254 spots available in that lot.  

  • We need to find ways to leverage the Caltrain lot more effectively, with its close proximity to transit, Laurel Street, and East San Carlos retail businesses.
  • We should work with Caltrain to make parking free after 5pm in their lots along El Camino Real, as this may encourage downtown merchants and their employees to find reasonable offsite parking, which would in turn free up more spots on Laurel during longer stretches of the day.
  • Encouraging more residents to bike, walk or scooter to dinner or shopping reduces the need for parking spaces in the downtown corridor.  We must increase safety for these alternate modes of transportation, so that residents feel comfortable leaving their cars at home.
  • Finally, when developers build on Laurel and El Camino, we should ensure that they maximize onsite customer and residential parking.


Send me email with your ideas or concerns about our current parking situation.  I'd love to hear from you!

Adam Rak for San Carlos City Council 2018
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San Carlos, CA 94070
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