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Parks & Recreation

San Carlos is an amazingly active community.  Our bocce and tennis courts are always humming with activity, more than 1,000 kids play team sports every year on our fields, and our miles of hiking trails let us recharge and reconnect with nature.  As our population grows, we need to make sure we maintain easy access to quality recreation options for everyone.  Perhaps most importantly, we need to make sure families and children feel safe walking and biking — not only for health and recreation, but also to mitigate our traffic and parking challenges.

  • In order to keep our parks safe and up-to-date, let’s divert some of the transit occupancy tax revenue toward park and trail maintenance. Let’s employ a Park Ranger part-time for San Carlos, who oversees and prioritizes safety and maintenance across our parks.  
  • We should broaden our usable park space by cleaning up Pulgas Creek and creating a greenway from Old County Road to Highway 101.
  • Let’s expand recreational facilities, since we know the community has diverse interests beyond playgrounds and field sports. We should investigate skate and bike parks, and integrate biking-friendly corridors across our residential communities and as an extension of the newly-created Peninsula bikeway.
  • Let's work with pedestrian and cycling experts to increase safety on our roadways and encourage record numbers of residents to bike or walk to downtown.  


Whether you love our parks or want some changes made, I'd welcome the opportunity to chat.  Please drop me an email!

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