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Residential Growth

Our town is growing by leaps and bounds.  We feel it every time we try to buy groceries, pick up our kids or travel to work.  Given the regional economy, growth is inevitable.  Growth can be chaotic or it can be controlled.  We need to ensure that our police, fire and teachers can continue to live here, that high-density growth happens in the right areas for the right reasons and that our neighborhoods remain tight-knit communities, even as they evolve.

  • We know that access to Caltrain can greatly improve quality of life for those commuting up to San Francisco or down toward San Jose, so thinking proactively about higher density transit-oriented housing helps us grow the community with convenience and traffic oversight in mind.
  • We’ll need a range of housing options for new and existing residents, ensuring that our first responders, teachers, police and fire personnel are living in this community, as they always have. By finding ways to push developers to build more affordable units versus offering the City in lieu payments, we can guarantee that a portion of all new development is offered at below market rates for families and individuals that qualify. We can also ensure that developers add public parking and green spaces for the City.
  • We must ensure that homes are right-sized for their lots.  We can further reduce massing by requiring only three onsite parking spaces (one covered and two uncovered) per home and by streamlining the approval process for basements.

Do you have ideas or concerns about our residential growth?  I'd love to hear from you!

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